JUnitCore class allows you to run junit tests programmatically. However, generating JUnit XML reports is not provided out of the box. Those reports are usually used by CI such as Jenkins.

Fortunately, Apache Ant has XMLJUnitResultFormatter class that generates XML test reports. You can add it as a library dependency to your project regardless of the usage of Ant as a build tool.


The one big problem of XMLJUnitResultFormatter is that it implements junit.framework.TestListener interface, but JUnitCore only accepts org.junit.runner.notification.RunListener for listeners.

Thanks to @CloudBees, a company behind Jenkins, there is an implementation to convert XMLJUnitResultFormatter to RunListener.

JUnitResultFormatterAsRunListener class is the one:

To use it:

junit.addListener(new JUnitResultFormatterAsRunListener(new XMLJUnitResultFormatter()) {
    public void testStarted(Description description) throws Exception {
        formatter.setOutput(new FileOutputStream(new File(reportDir,"TEST-"+description.getDisplayName()+".xml")));

Copied from here

Now, programmatic call to the junit tests generates test reports which Jenkins can pick up.